We already passed!

“Niermela, the owner and driving instructor, is impressively professional and adaptable. She imparts crucial driving skills and adeptly guides through the intricate driving rules of the Netherlands. Her teaching approach is tailored to individual driving tendencies. Remarkably, Niermela is dedicated to her students’ triumphs, actively working to secure earlier exam slots despite limited availability. Highly recommend Ross Driving School to new and experienced drivers!”

Usman, Pakistan

“I was already 30 when I started with my driving lessons and had no previous driving experience. I was more than nervous getting behind the wheel but Niermela turned this around. Driving lessons and the constructive feedback helped me grow in confidence. Niermela is somebody who focuses on structure and not shortcuts. She is mostly calm and provides the best help and guidance that will stick with you for the rest of the life. Being an expat, it is important to learn from someone who could understand an expat’s mindset and I am more than happy to recommend Niermela as a driving instructor.
Cheers Niermela, continue teaching and grooming more and more safe drivers in the Netherlands.”

Viswa (India)

I PASSED! Thank God, I’ve finally passed! Getting a driver’s license is not easy or cheap in The Netherlands! But thanks to my driving instructor Niermela. Absolutely Awesome! Professional, and such a friendly atmosphere. After every lesson you grow more skilled, more aware of road signs/rules and spatial distance. Every lesson with Niermela has been an absolute pleasure and she takes time to explain, show you the step by step processes. She won’t show you the easy way, she will show you the RIGHT way to be a better and safer driver. Thank you Niermela for you patience and everything !

Richelle, Philippines

“Niermela and Arwin were both great instructors demonstrating flexibility, patience and the willingness to help students pass. Highly recommend this school!”

Samir (Egypt)

I participated in the 2toDrive scheme with Driving School Ross because I wanted to get my driving license before turning 18. During our lessons, Niermela was always patient and showed me exactly what I needed to improve, which helped build up my confidence. Thank you Niermela for being a wonderful teacher and helping me become a safe and responsible driver!

Ariana (Portugal/India)

To work as a licensed driving instructor in the Netherlands, it is required to succesfully pass the CBS Driving Instructors exam every 5 years.

I am happy that I have successfully passed my exam again in September 2019. Big thanks to Inder (left) from driving school Charisma, for your support, and to Matthew (right) for being my student during the exam and being so patient 🙂

Niermela Dihal

Hi Niermela, I am soo glad I chose you as my teacher! Passed on first attempt. Thanks a ton again!

Prinu (India)

Having had lessons with both Ross and Niermela, I can say with certainty that they will provide you with the ideal balance between safety and confidence to pass your exam.

Noe Roussel (UK)

Hi, thank you so much for your guidence in driving. I admire your way of teaching and finally passed my driving because of you. Thank you again. Hope to see you again soon.

Masoona (India)

Rui (Portugal) and Neo (China)
Gabriela (Spain/UK)

I had driven in Indonesia for 5 years, so it should not be a problem driving here in the Netherlands, right? That was what I thought and I could not be more wrong. Turns out driving in the Netherlands is not as easy as it seems. It is difficult! There are so many things that I have forget and re-learn. So many signs that I have to pay attention to. So many cyclists that shared the same road with you. So many Indonesian driving habits that I have to change. It could be difficult and frustrating because it is not easy to change habits. My colleague referred Niermela to me and told me she is an amazing instructor. I took my colleague’s advise and turns out it is the best decision for me. Niermela patiently teaching me not only to be a good driver, but also to be a good Dutch driver. She is sharp like an eagle. There is nothing that I did during the driving sessions that she missed. She observed everything! After 35 hours of classes, I took the exam, and I passed it on my first attempt! I could not express how relieved and happy I was, and that was all thanks to Niermela. She is strict, but no doubt she is the best driving instructor that you can have.
Once again, thanks Niermela for your hardwork and help! I really appreciate it.

Marcel, Netherlands

After having driven in my country for close to 30 years it was extremely difficult to change my habits and adjust to driving in The Netherlands. However with the help of Ross Driving School I successfully passed my dutch drivers license. A huge thanks to Niermela who never gave up on me and built up my confidence to ensure that I am now an assertive and yet safe driver. Thanks!

Linda (South Africa)

“Driving school Ross was my second instructor. I had 40 hours lessons with my first instructor, by then I have failed my practice exam for three times already. My colleague introduced me to Ross, she clearly pointed out my problems after the first trial lesson, which I was already told by the examiners but my first instructor couldn’t notice. So I decided to have classes with her.

Niermela has a good understanding with the problems I had, she taught me from the basic watching, corrected the bad habits again and again. She is 100 percent focus when she is teaching, if you have questions and confusion, she always explains to you patiently and makes sure you understand it. She is a instructor, not just go for business, she also cares about if she could really help you. She could feel my worries and scary when the time was running out, she always try her best to make time for students. Last week I have passed the practice exam with her help just before my theory expired, I really appreciate all the effort she put in for my driving license.

Ross driving school is professional, caring and hardworking, I can’t come up with any reason that I don’t recommend her to my friends. If you are looking for a instructor, go for a trial lesson, you will feel it by yourself”

Fiona (China)

Yajing (China)
Donia (France)

“Passed the practical exam in one go thanks to Ross’ tips and tricks. Coming from South America (Peru) were driving is very different, had to get rid of bad driving habits. On top of that, signs and driving style is very different. Ross helped me find the perfect balance between safety and flow. Prices are very competitive and schedules are flexible to fit any time frame. Even though I would recommend to go for the Manual gear lessons, they also offers Automatic lessons. I would definitely recommend Ross to any person that already has driving experience abroad and wants to get a driving license in the Netherlands.

Once again thanks to Ross and you for your kind help all these months.

Carlos (Peru)

The Dutch system for getting a driver’s license is very nuanced and complicated but Niermela and Ross made the system and the lessons very engaging and useful.

As a person who always believed that I had a decent level of skill in driving, Niermela and Ross made it straightforward to get the Dutch driver’s lesson.

I highly recommend this driving school.

Thanks again for the help.

Elisha (Africa)

Pratima (India)
Ryvo (Indonesia)

“I would never have passed without the lessons… and I have been driving for 56 years! I learned to drive in New York City… Drove a taxicab in Boston… Drove tanks in the Army… Did all of that, drove in the USA for decades, but I never in The Netherlands! And this place is different and a much more difficult set of circumstances to challenge newcomers! Simply put: “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

I was happy to save the euros it would have cost had I failed… And now I know that I would indeed have failed if not for the driving lessons with Niermela. Failing an exam means another several hundred euros or more, so I reckoned it was a good investment. And it was. Niermela was very effective: she identified my USA habits and “retaught” some basic skills and honed my awareness and concentration. Very efficient and very effective.

Thanks Niermela… what an accomplishment!”

Jonathan (New York, USA)

“To all experienced expat drivers: Please understand that Dutch driving exam is full of signs and rules that are designed to make you fail! I tried to go it alone based on my many years of driving as tourist all over the world to include The Netherlands for many years.

Failed the 1st time, then hired Ross Driving School based on recommendations from other successful EXPATS. Immediately Ross Driving School pointed out all the peculiar rules and skills that are on the practical driving exam. Ross took me on all the exam routes the examiners usually go on and what to look out for where most people make common mistakes. Fair price and great learning from small business owners who make up a great Mother/Son team.”

Nolan (USA)

Enara (Spain)
Julien (Belgium)
Ankit (India)

“Niermela is fantastic at her job! Despite driving for over a decade, she helped me improve my techniques with her personal approach. “Tako tako” meaning “look look” in Hindi still rings in my ears ? Cheers to the road trips and the new found friendship! Good luck!”

Manali (India)

Ran Xi (China)
Andrew (USA)

“As a foreigner in the Netherlands, Niermela is skilled at educating us on safety and flow of traffic in the Netherlands—remember that even if you have driving experience, the Netherlands is full of cyclists, trams, water—and if you’re used to driving on the other side of the road you’ll need to be re-educated on driving on the right. Niermela is calm, sharp and very clear about consequences of mistakes you make, but is also very good at explaining how to improve. I would definitely recommend her to both new and experienced drivers. Under her tutelage and tons of practice, I passed the exam at the first attempt!

Thank you Niermela!”

Noreen (Malaysia)

Sheryl (USA)
Lim (Malaysia)
Banga Jain Upma (India)

“I am happy to recommend Ross driving school. Thanks to my driving instructor Niermela. Niermela has been great preparing me for the practical test and also she was encouraging me throughout the way and providing me important tips and advice for the big day.”

Kirtee (India)

“Ross Driving School is the ideal driving school for expats and internationals living in The Hague. It offers a competitive alternative to other large and inflexible driving schools. The Ross instructor tailors classes for each individual and is clearly focused on the success and the passing of its students. In addition, the instructor is very friendly, and teaches both in Dutch and English (depending on personal preference), and offers courses in both Manual and Automatic cars which are renewed frequently to insure quality, safety, and comfort. All in all, Ross Driving School will offer students the tools needed to succeed as quickly as possible, all whilst providing flexible schedules, professional tips and insight based on years of experience, and exam practice, which put the students in control.”

Daniel (Denmark)

“After failing my first exam with another driving school, I had no confidence in ever getting my driving license. Niermela understood my requirement to get clear instructions, without stress, and learn which are the important tasks to master the car. With her experience and knowledge of people, she knows when a student is ready to take the driving exam. So when she said I was ready, it gave me the confidence I needed and I passed with flying colours. Niermela is a friendly and understanding teacher and I warmly recommend Ross Driving School to everyone.”

Nuboii Fanai (India)

“Na een aantal keren gezakt te zijn geweest bij een andere rijschool, besloot ik voor een andere te kiezen. Na lang wikken en wegen van meerdere rijscholen, kwam ik uit bij Rijschool Ross. Ik kreeg meteen het gevoel dat ik de juiste beslissing gemaakt had. Het bleek dat ik nog veel kon leren, ondanks het aantal keren dat ik gezakt was. De vakkundige uitleg van Niermala heeft me zeer goed geholpen en mijn rijvaardigheid naar een goed niveau gebracht. Het resultaat mocht er wezen, want ben uiteindelijk dankzij haar geslaagd.”

Ritish (Netherlands)

“I did my driving practical exam and I passed on the first attempt. It would not have been possible without the high quality instruction of Niermela, Ross Driving School. If you are doing theory, then the theoryhouse.nl is the best and get Niermela for practical instruction out of the Hague. Thanks again, it couldn’t have been a better experience. Thanks again!”

Luke (Australia)

“After 3 months taking classes with Ross School, I finally got my driving license! Thanks to Niermala, for being such a wonderful instructor. When I started with her, I was full of bad driving habits from another school. She made me believe that I was able to reach my goal and corrected every single detail and mistake that I used to make, which prepared me, not only for my driving test, but also made me a confident and safe driver. Now, I am ready to take to the road!”

Jiselli Simao (Brazil)

“I have had clear and precise instructions from Niermela, which enabled me to drive efficiently. Removed bad habits and became consistent in driving a car. Not to mention, she is flexible with her lesson schedules. Most of time she could arrange my lessons. Thanks to her, i have passed my practical exam at once. Highly recommended!”

Dongmin (Korea)

“I passed my driving test using Ross Driving School. I found Niermela to be very instructive, helpful and calm during the lessons. The cost is very competitive with all other driving schools. I enjoyed the experience.”

Robert (USA)

“I was supposed to take my driving exam with another driving school. Everything paid by my mother, but the driving instructor had run off with all our money. Through the television programme ‘Heart of Netherlands’ I found a driving school which is reliable. Because of Niermela of driving school Ross, I could take the exam after all.”

Carlo (The Netherlands)

“Passed my exam on 16 December! It was a quite interesting experience during my lessons in this driving school. Niermela is a straight woman whom you can rely on to be a success with your driving, just listen and be patience. Behind her loud there is kindness and success you can take a guarantee. I’m glad I was here.”

Sylvia (Indonesia)

“Niermela is the best driving instructor that I have ever had. I have been to two others but none is better than her. She is very systematic, detailed, and she truly makes you feel like you are the only student she has – thats how much she genuinely cares about you. Thank you Niermela because of you I have my license now.”

Antonia (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Dorotha (Poland)
Nancy (USA)
Olga (Kazakhstan)

Zayenka (Dominican Republic)

“Niermela has been fantastic. Because of her I passed my driver’s license exam with ease!”

Marcel (the Netherlands)

“I’ve had the best experience learning how to drive with Ross Driving School. By being honest and clear, Niermela has taught me to be a safe and confident driver guiding me through every step.”

Alice (The Netherlands)

Here is a selection of my other students who passed their driving exam with Driving School Ross:

Warm regards, Niermela Dihal

“I already had a foreign driver’s licence, but you know, you have to get a new one in Holland! That’s quite frustrating but Niermela explains everything very openly and she is very patient 🙂 Before Niermela i had lessons from another school but they did not fulfill my expectations. So if you need to learn driving or get a new Dutch driver’s license, I really recommend Niermela, she’s a very good instructor. Thanks to her I got my license in less than 2 months!”

Patrick (UK)

Harinia (India)
Chow (Hong Kong)
Charles (France)

“The instructor at Ross is highly professional, cooperative and friendly in nature. Within no-time I developed driving comfort and obtained my driving license. I am happy I chose Ross Driving School!”

Shristy (India)

“At my previous driving schools I did not get a solid basis of driving. Niermela is very patient and actively looking to improve my driving style. I immediately felt at ease.”

Christina (The Netherlands)

“I tried 2 instructors before I met Niermela, compared to the other two I think she is a very good instructor. She is patient and hard working. She corrects every mistake that I make from small mistake to dangerous ones. I was scared to drive before but now I am very confident tobe on the road, to park anywhere I want. Not only she wants me to get a driving license soon but she also teaches me to be a good driver, to be safe on the road. That I appreciate very much. Thank you Niermela.”

William (Kenia)

“It is already 1 month since I passed my exam. And I drove myself more than 1000 km in this time! And I never sit in a car as a driver before my first lesson with Niermela. What I like the most with her is that she is teaching you how to be a confident, yet careful driver. She is helping to discover your driving style, while keeping an eye on all the important things on the roads in Holland. Just the day after I got my driving license I was confident enough to drive another, much biggere car. From the beginning of my course till now I drove already 7 different cars, both diesel and gas and I don’t have anymore problems to switch to another one 🙂 Do you want to have lessons in a fiendly atmosphere and to learn how to actually be a good driver (not only to pass an exam) then choose Ross school!”


“Niermela was the best! She explained the differences between a North American driving style and the style expected here in The Netherlands. Then she continually reinforced both my good and unfortunately, bad habits. Thanks for making it so painless, and helping me pass on the FIRST try.”

Ray Sears (USA)

“Niermela is an excellent driving instructor, she helped me adapt to the roads and rules of driving in Netherlands in just about 3 hours / lessons. This was faster than I expected. If you are an Expat living in Den Haag / near by then I strong recommend to go with Driving School Ross / Niermala. She was very prompt and flexible with the timing.”

Sivaraja Gopal (India)

“A huge thanks to Niermela who helped me achieve one of the greatest things in life: getting my drivers license! It’s been a real great experience. She’s been honest, firm, encouraging and fun. My best recommendations!”

Tim (Netherlands)

“I tried 2 instructors before I met Niermela, compare to the other two I think she is a very good instructor. She is patient and hard working. She corrects every mistake that I make from small mistake to dangerous ones. I was scared to drive before but now I am very confident tobe on the road, to park anywhere I want. Not only she wants me to get a driving license soon but she also teaches me tobe a good driver, tobe safe on the road. That I appreciate very much. Thank you Niermela.”


“I had troubles adjusting to the driving style in The Netherlands, parking was also a problem. Nirmela is not only patient but she can explain very good and clear the do’s and don’t in traffic, even when you already have (some) experience!

Parking was actually for the first time fun, now I don’t have to drive around the bloc to find an “easy”parking spot! Thank you so every much! “


“I already had a foreign driver’s licence, but you know, you have to get a new one in Holland! That’s quite frustrating but Niermela explains everything very openly and she is very patient 🙂
Before Niermela i had lessons from aanother school but they did not fulfill my expectations.

So if you need to learn driving or get a new Dutch driver’s licence, i really recommend Niermela, she’s a very good instructor. Thanks to her i have my licence in less than 2 months!”