Price List

Ross Driving School offers the following classes and packages per 10 December 2022:

Single driving classes, manual or automatic gear  
Normal driving lesson of 60 minutes € 50,00
Trial lesson for beginning students of 90 minutes
(without prior driving experience)
€ 55,00
Refresh lesson for experienced students of 90 minutes € 75,00
Surcharge for evening-classes (after 18.00) or weekend € 5,00
Packages (incl driving exam, excluding car usage during exam)
Package A: 10 hours € 710,00
Package B: 20 hours € 1.200,00
Package C: 30 hours € 1.675,00
Package D: 40 hours € 2.150,00
Exams (excluding car rental of € 50,00 per hour)
Theory exam in Dutch € 45,00
Theory exam in English € 55,00
Own Declaration (EV) € 41,00
This is just like a real exam and is conducted by a real examiner. The big difference is that you can not pass or fail. The mock exam is recommended about three quarters of the way through your lessons and will give you an idea of how you would perform for your real driving test. You will drive a test route and afterwards it is discussed with you. The examiner will tell you which parts of your driving are good and which parts need to be improved to ensure that you pass your real exam.
€ 175,00
CBR final exam € 225,00
National exam C.B.R. (BNOR) € 240,00
‘Fear of Failure’ exam € 275,00

The student may cancel or reschedule a driving class up to 24 hours in advance. Afterwards Ross Driving School has the right to charge the student.

Crash-courses and extended refresh-courses are available as well. Contact us for more information. Payment is done in cash after the lesson itself. When purchasing a package, it is possible to spread the total payment. Fees for all exams should be paid before the exam can be scheduled. Once an exam is scheduled, any costs from the CBR will be charged if they occur. The price for the exams is excluding a car rental of € 50,00 per hour.

Packages are including driving exam but excluding car usage during exam.

Prices are valid per 10 December 2022.

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The General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all services of Ross Driving School.