General Terms

Ross Driving School applies the following General Terms and Conditions to all classes and services:

ARTICLE 1 Obligations of the driving school
1.1 The student receives practical driving classes from an instructor who meet the qualifications of the Wet Rijonderricht Motorrijtuigen (WRM). The instructor is in possession of a valid ‘instructor certificate’.
1.2 The driving exam will be requested by the driving school within a week after you have paid the de examination fees in full.
1.3 The student takes the driving exam in principle in the car in which the driving classes were given. It may happen that the student has to take the exam in a replacement driving car.
1.4 The length of time to give lessons is utilized for giving driving lessons.
1.5 The driving School is covered by insurance which provides adequate coverage against liability against the student in case of damage. These insurance policies are in line with what is customary in the driver training industry.
1.6 If the classes are delayed or cancelled because of an illness by the instructor or accident, weather and/or traffic conditions, the student will be notified. In such cases, the student cannot claim for any restitution and/or financial compensation.

ARTICLE 2 Obligations of the student
2.1 In order to follow classes you should be at least 16,5 years old. The student should always carry a valid identification during classes.
2.2 Stick to the agreed date, time and place for the lessons. The driving school has a maximum waiting time of 15 min. Failure to appear at the appointed lesson without timely cancellation, the 50% of the price will be charged to the student.
2.3 The student may cancel or reschedule a driving class up to 24 hours in advance. Afterwards the driving school has the right to charge the student.
2.4 The student informs the driving school truthfully of all necessary information about his/her medical or mental conditions, medicines, alcohol or drugs use.
2.5 In case the student fails to inform the driving school about the items mentioned in 2.4, the driving school has the right to terminate the classes and agreement immediately without any compensation or refund.
2.6 In case of damage caused by failure to comply with article 2.4 the driving school has the right to claim these from the student.
2.7 The lesson card which is provided at the first class, should be updated at the end of every class. The student is responsible for carrying this card with him to the class.

ARTICLE 3 Payment
3.1 The single classes should be paid in cash to the instructor at the end of every class.
3.2 Half of the payment for driving packages should be paid before the beginning of the first class. The remainder should be paid when half of the classes has been provided.
3.3 In case of non-timely payment, the driving school has the following procedure:
a. if there is a default in the payment, the student is given a verbal warning of non-payment. If this is ignored, within 8 days the student is given an invoice of the balance.
b. the driving school has the right to increase the outstanding balance with a minimum of € 13,50 for administration costs. In addition, the driving school may charge interest over the outstanding balance
after 14 days have passed since the invoice date. This interest is the legal interest plus 2% per year.
3.4 In case the student still does not pay the invoice in full, the driving school will request a payment agency to recover the payment. The extra costs will be claimed to the student.
3.5 If the student has purchased a package and you obtain your driving license without fully utilizing the package, there is no entitlement for a refund.

ARTICLE 4 Driving exams
4.1 If the student is late for the driving exam for reasons which are his or her own responsibility, the exam will be cancelled and the student bears the costs for a new request.
4.2 In case the driving exam is cancelled because of bad weather, such as snow or ice, the student does not need to pay for the new driving exam. The driving school does have the right to claim the costs for 1 driving driving class to the student.

ARTICLE 5 Suspension and cancellation
5.1 The driving school is entitled to terminate or suspend the agreement if:
a. The driving school has the strong suspicion that the student has intentionally not or incorrect information to the driving school (see Article 2.5).
b. The driving school has the strong suspicion that the student intentionally does not cooperate to the improvement of the classes.

ARTICLE 6 Additional agreements
6.1 The driving school can, if deemed necessary, make additional agreements with the student. These will be noted on the lesson card.
6.2 These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to our agreements, services and arrangements.

ARTICLE 7 Driving packages
7.1 The number or classes provided in a package does not represent the required number of classes in order to pass the driving exam. If a student is not yet deemed qualified to pass the driving exam, the student should follow additional classes until he/she is considered ready for the exam.
7.2 A driving package expires 6 months after the last class in case the package is not completely utilized.

ARTICLE 8 Liability
8.1 If a student receives a police ticket or causes damage during either driving classes or exam, including damage to third parties, then the following agreements are applicable:
a. Under normal conditions, the driving school cannot hold the student responsible. The driving school carries the risk itself.
b. However, if the student intentionally misbehaves or ignores the warnings of the instructor, in such a way that in spite of intervention by the instructor, damage is caused or a policy ticket is received, then the student can be held responsible for the incident and the costs can be claimed from the student.
c. It is strictly not permitted to take classes or drive while under the influence of alcohol and other substances which may impair the driving skills. If, after an incident as mentioned in article b, the student is found to be under the influence of such substances, the student will be held responsible.
d. It is not permitted to medicines which may impair the driving abilities. This will be mentioned on the packaging of the medicines. In case of incidents as mentioned in article b, the student will be held responsible. Always contact the driving school if you are taking such medicines.
8.2 The driving school will ask the student if he/she has a suspension of driving permission. In such cases, the student may not driving a car. If the student, in spite of such suspension, still takes driving classes, the student will be held responsible for any damages caused by the student.

These conditions are also available as PDF.

Version October 2016