2todrive Den Haag

Ross Driving School is the ideal driving school for expats and internationals living in The Hague. The same goes for 2todrive Den Haag, where you’re in good hands with our driving instructors. Our goal at Ross Driving School is to turn every student, expats and internationals living in The Hague a road-ready driver that can pass the CBR exam after the course has been completed. After the first lesson, the instructor can help to advise you which package suits you best.

Why Ross Driving School

We offer a competitive alternative to other large and inflexible driving schools. The Ross instructor tailors classes for each individual and is clearly focused on the success and the passing of its students. In addition, the instructor is very friendly, and teaches both in Dutch and English (depending on personal preference), and offers courses in both Manual and Automatic cars which are renewed frequently to insure quality, safety, and comfort.

2todrive Den HaagWhat is 2toDrive?

Not yet 18 but already starting your driving lessons? The 2toDrive programme gives new young drivers, between 16 and 18 years of age, the opportunity to take the passenger car licence (category B) Theory Test when 16, take driving lessons when 16,5, and a possible CBR Preliminary Driving Test when 17; following this the CBR Driving Test can also be taken when 17. After passing this last test, they may not drive alone, but must be accompanied by a coach (“Begeleider”), until having reached the age of 18.

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