Corona Update

New rules regarding the Corona virus:

Starting 11 May, we are allowed to continue with the driving classes. The government has developed protocols and guidelines to keep the classes safe for students, instructors and examinars.

The instructor will ask you the following questions before each class:
1. Have you or anybody in your household, been diagnosed with Corona in the last 14 days?
2. Have you or anybody in your household in the last 24 hours, shown symptoms of fever, coughing, cold, felt short of breath or any other type of sickness that are a possible danger for the instructor?

The class will only start if you can answer “No” to both questions.

There will be a maximum of 2 people in the car at any time. Therefor you cannot bring a friend or relative to your class. Also we will not go to another student’s house.

The car will be cleaned after every class. If you want to wear a mouth and nose cover, you may do so. You may also request the instructor to wear such mask. If you don’t havea cover, the driving school will provide one if they are available.